Social Responsibility

  • All activities of Hellenic Fishfarming S.A., are governed by the principle of contributing to the community and are daily implemented through a modern model of corporate responsibility. The main goal of the Group’s social activity constitutes the development and advancement of the areas that are directly connected to our fishfarming facilities and is being realised through a broad agenda. In effect, the Group dynamically contributes to:
    • The enhancement of the areas where the Group is active, through the financial sponsorship of local authorities and communities, for the preparation of studies and the materialization of infrastructure works.
    • The securing of funds for vulnerable social groups, in order to assist the improvement and progress of their living conditions.
    • The cultural development of local communities, by sponsoring local cultural events, like theatrical plays.
    • The realisation of the goals of several common welfare organisations and local societies by funding their projects.
    • The smooth communization of young people and the advancement of education through the financial support of school activities and sport societies.
    • The balanced development of ecosystems in the regions where the Group’s facilities are, by implementing environmental administration programs.