Quality Management

TUVQuality management is the Group’s actual commitment to our fellow man, consumer and associate. ‘Hellenic Fishfarming’ by operating as a model and responsible corporate citizen, commits to maintain the quality of the products distributed in the domestic market, and abroad through the dynamic application of a quality management programme, offering excellent and certified consumer products.

The establishment of relationships of trust and stability with its clients constitutes a fundamental goal for the Group, and it is accomplished with high-standard quality products that are distributed in the market after diligent quality controls.

In order to guarantee fish quality, the Group’s management uses, throughout all the production stages, high quality food, always following the instructions of the European Union regarding the hygiene of products intended for consumption.

Each hatching unit incorporates special laboratory facilities for the analysis and micro measurements necessary for the daily monitoring and the systematic measurement of the progress and development of the live feed and the juveniles.


In addition, in order to safeguard the optimum administration of cultivated fish populations, it is imperative that the physical-chemical variances of the water’s oxygen and temperature are monitored and recorded during the breeding. This way, it is ensured that any loss during production is minimized.bio

Key feature of the unique quality of Hellenic Fishfarming SA is the emphasis given on the hygiene of the production and the packaging facilities. All the Group’s facilities comply with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The implementation of the specific model ensures the lack or limitation of hazards in all stages of the production process of the final product through systematic microbiological and chemical controls. Simultaneously, it is ensured that the regulations for the hygiene and cleanliness of the facilities are meticulously obeyed.