Trading and Distribution

Hellenic Fishfarming Group trades juveniles and market fish as well as fish food and fish farming equipment. In periods when the demand exceeds the produced stock or when the market sales prices do not cover the cost of production, the Group satisfies the needs of its customers with retail products. The Group has invested in its relationship with companies specializing in fish food production and fish farming equipment and thus trade their high quality products.PACKING STATION 1

The distribution of the final products is conducted through a well organized network, which is active in Greece and in 25 countries around the globe. The Group’s sales department is the network’s operational center. Product distribution is done by the sales department in cooperation with the authorized agents in Greece and in key-importing-countries of the European market.50-60% of ready products (market fish) is exported to Italy, Spain, France, and central European countries, whereas the remaining products are marketed domestically and abroad.