Research and Development

The “Hellenic Fishfarming” Group considers continuous research as the driving force for growth. To that purpose a special ‘Research and Development’ department has been established, which monitors, the fish farming sector at a domestic and global level on a daily basis, drastically contributing to the evaluation and improvement of production, as well as the search for new markets and products.


Through abiding research, the Group has achieved a global innovation in the fishfarming sector. After continuous study, it has managed to successfully introduce a new species of fish to the fishfarming industry, the Dover Solea Sole. This new product was presented for the first time in 2003 during the International Food Exhibition in Brussels. It is estimated that since 2000, when the attempt of producing this type of fish has started, more than 15 tones of the Dover Solea Sole have being produced and sold.

Moreover, the ‘Research and Development’ department is also responsible for specifying locations suitable for constructing new facilities for the Group. The location’s suitability is evaluated according to the advantages of the geographic location but also by the area’s prevailing climate conditions, in order to achieve a more efficient operation of each facility.

One of the Research and Development department’s main concerns is also to check on water clarity of each region as well as oxygen and salt content, which aims at the effective growth and production of the fish population. Moreover, the department is responsible for conducting surveys about the balance of the ecosystems within which the facilities of the Group operate.