Processing and Packaging

By daily monitoring domestic and international market trends, the “Hellenic Fishfarming” Group meets consumer needs with high quality products. Therefore, all of the products undergo thorough controls during production as well as during processing and packaging.

The processing of final products complies with the international quality standards. Some of the fish, which is available for sale, is gutted whereas other is supplied in fillets, both processes being performed according to the European Union regulations.INSIDE PACKING 1

The Group aims at the high quality and protection of its final products. Therefore, in the packaging sector, after long and systematic research, the company is now using isothermal packaging boxes bearing its trademark.

These boxes are particularly durable and provide the appropriate space that allows fish to be placed in a specific layout and be covered with enough ice for their preservation.

Each package has a label containing detailed information for the included product, according to European Union specifications.