Juvenile Production

Breeder Section
The breeders are placed in specially modified tanks, where they go through strict daily control, in order to guarantee the best conditions for their eggs’ production and development.

Live Feed Section
The breeders’ eggs are fed exclusively by naturalingredients for 40 to 50 days, preparing for their hatching.

Hatching Section
The eggs are placed in hatching tanks and after their hatching they will remain there for approximately 60 days. During this time period they are grown into small fish. The first stage of the juveniles’ production is completed.

Weaning Section
When the juveniles reach the age of 60 days, they are transferred to the weaning tanks where the systematic breeding begins.

On-growing and fattening section
At this step of the production process the juveniles reach their final shape with average weight of 1.5 to 2gr. It is also the time when the final quality control check is carried out before the small fish are transferred for fattening.
The juveniles are produced and sold all year long.

Final products
The range of juveniles marketed by ‘Hellenic Fishfarming’ is as follows:

  • Sea Bream Juveniles
  • Sea Bass Juveniles