“HELLENIC FISHFARMING S.A.” is founded by Haralambos Dendrinos and Vasilios Tsekouras.

Operation of the first fattening farm for sea bream and sea bass juveniles.

“HELLENIC FISHFARMING” becomes the first company that uses liquid-oxygen at juvenile’s freezer freights. Moreover, the Company became a pioneer in Greece by being the first company to transport juveniles by air.

The new Management, directed by Ioannis Katsivelis and Nigel Lewis begins to implement a significant investment plan, which aims at a company upgrade in terms of quality. This new area also signifies the beginning of a scheme directed at reaching full production capacity of the production units of the group.

HELLENIC FISHFARMING S.A. is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

The production of a new species of fish, the ‘Dover Solea Sole’, sets the Group as a Global innovator.

Buying-out of new hatchery stations and fattening facilities around Greece, which are either absorbed by or merged with the Mother Company, brings Hellenic Fishfarming SA into a new stage of development.
The Group produces 7.5 tones of ‘Dover Solea Sole’, completing the second phase of the research for this innovative species of fish.